Dave Sim is a complicated guy. I'm going to be trying to put together a biography of him for this space, and maybe some more photos. I really wish I had been able to use more of the stuff from my interview with him in the piece that was published, but since it was a newspaper article it had to be very general. Way back in the beginning of Mothers and Daughters he was telling me that the totalitarian spirit was basically maternal - an instinct to make everyone and everything "safe" - and that the reason women seem split down the middle on abortion is that mothers are pro-life and daughters are pro-choice.

None of that made it into the published review, of course, which is more a "get-acquainted with Cerebus" kind of piece. But one of these days, I swear I'll get around to putting a transcript up. In the meantime, here are some Dave Sim links (as opposed to Cerebus links, which are on the Cerebus page):

My interview with Dave Sim.
From the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Published April 5, 1992.
The Memorial Notes from the President Archive
A collection of Dave's Editorials, including all the ones on self-publishing.
Hey, kids!! It's the Dave Sim Misogyny Page!
A description of Cerebus and some quotes from the infamous #186 and elsewhere.
Dave Sim Misogyny Page
Similar to the above, except it appears to contain the entire text portion of #186, plus a link to a "Universal Misogyny Page."

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